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For almost a decade, we helped these companies achieve their goals from idea to launch.

A new contender for the #1 place in the used vehicles marketplace in Costa Rica
"SINAPTIA delivered a high-end and polished e-commerce platform exceeding my expectations. They established a seamless workflow through the extensive use of communication tools."
Julián Arias
CEO, Dunu506
MVP / Product BuildingQuality Assurance
Benefits for Freelancers and autonomy for Companies. Everybody wins.
"The most impressive thing about this team is their collaborative spirit."
Sarah Alves Lucena
CEO, Free the Freela
MVP / Product BuildingQuality Assurance
An e-commerce website for people that love their dogs
"They offered valuable advice during the process and were always willing to collaborate with us."
Hernán Massau
MVP / Product BuildingQuality Assurance
A digital signage platform built on web technologies
"SINAPTIA's services empowered the business to close a deal with a major client—a partnership that's still enduring. They've demonstrated their ability to roll with the punches; they're an agile bunch that can adapt to swift changes in project scope. They're a skilled, professional team."
Robert Sellman
CEO, OmniAlly
MVP / Product BuildingQuality Assurance
A data analysis platform linked to the use of unmanned systems
"I'm satisfied with SINAPTIA's high-quality development work. Their ability to respond quickly to inquiries and adapt to changes make them a valuable collaborator."
Gonzalo Figueroa
Founder, Orbiton
MVP / Product BuildingQuality Assurance
A marketing tool for small e-commerce businesses to run ads online
"SINAPTIA is dedicated to delivering a quality product, so they check in regularly to see how the process is going."
Antoine Lamy
Founder, Raive
MVP / Product BuildingQuality Assurance
A suite of hospitality apps
"If there's a problem with a customer or anything, they'll stand in the trenches with us until it's done."
Nick Daniels
CPO & CoFounder, Alliants
Team AugmentationQuality Assurance
A workers' network for fixing employment
"Their engineers are professional, skilled and personable, and slot into the team really well. The quality of the work is always high and I've found them to be very adaptable and productive."
Sean Hawkridge
Product Team Lead, Organise
Team Augmentation
The first marketplace for optometrists
"Their skilled expertise spurred continuous collaboration between teams. The team at SINAPTIA meets deadlines and reacts responsively. Customers can expect a true partnership with streamlined communication."
Dave Barton
CEO, Optify
Team AugmentationQuality Assurance
The safest way to sell & buy football kits online
"They've been able to help us with the last few steps of our business quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, which is phenomenal. In terms of the deliverables, the product itself is elegant, and they're taking it up another notch."
Adrian Garcia
CEO, The Jules
Team Augmentation
Cheese with heart
"The team is consistent in their work and responsive, and they do a good job despite the high-effort nature of their tasks."
Vanessa Chang
Director of Marketing, Cowgirl Creamery
Team Augmentation
A disruptive e-book reading service
"SINAPTIA's work quality and technology management were good, and their technical expertise was perfect."
Omar Saadoun
CEO, InMind
Team Augmentation
The finest artisan and farmstead cheeses
"The team is consistent in their work and responsive, and they do a good job despite the high-effort nature of their tasks."
Vanessa Chang
Director of Marketing, Tomales Bay Foods
Team Augmentation
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