"SINAPTIA is dedicated to delivering a quality product, so they check in regularly to see how the process is going."

Antoine Lamy

About Raive

Raive is an accelerated startup from Paris, France. Antoine and Caroline, the founders, envisioned a platform for Shopify shops to easily run ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google without wasting time and money.

The Challenge

Before contacting us, Antoine and Caroline had extremely well-defined features and mockups of the application, which simplified a lot our discovery phase. At the same time, with so many integrations (Shopify, Google, Facebook, and Instagram), they had a clear challenge for us as well: the app should be fast, reliable, and easy to use.’

There was another challenge: the MVP must be completed in 3 months.

The Solution

Given that Antoine and Caroline had well-defined mockups of the application, they decided not to spend time building a custom UX/UI for Raive, but to buy a Bootstrap template.

The application was architectured to be a hybrid Ruby on Rails/React application. That is, instead of building a Ruby on Rails API and a full React frontend (ala create-react-app), build a standard Ruby on Rails application with specific React components for components that need to be highly responsive UX-wise.

"They're super transparent. We own everything, which is great because we know we can resolve any issues if they come up. They've also shared their expertise with us so there's no gap between the technical and business marketing side of the project."

Antoine Lamy

The Outcome

After 3 months of building the MVP, it was up and running full-featured. There was a delay in approving the Shopify app which slightly affected its release.

Antoine and Caroline already had a select group of Shopify shops ready to use the application and soon started investing in running ads using Raive.

screenshot of the app


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