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The finest eyewear at an honest price

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The finest eyewear at an honest price

"Their skilled expertise spurred continuous collaboration between teams. The team at SINAPTIA meets deadlines and reacts responsively. Customers can expect a true partnership with streamlined communication."

Dave Barton

About David Kind

David Kind is an eyewear company from San Francisco, USA. They partenered with the best eyewear manufacturers from Sabae, Japan and Cadore, Italy, and offer their frames direct to clients through a patented try-on experience.

The Challenge

When we were contacted by Dave, their CEO, David Kind had no development team and their application, a Ruby on Rails application, needed some attention. They had a list of bugs that needed to be fixed and a list of features that needed to be developed, such as integrating Apple Pay and Zip (formerly QuadPay), and integrating Klaviyo (for marketing automation).

The Solution

Hands on the project, we started evaluating the state of the application and the list of bugs and feature requests David Kind had before reaching out to us. The application was outdated, a couple versions behind the latest releases of Ruby and Ruby on Rails, and running on an old Heroku stack.

Having performed the evaluation, a due to the necessities of the project, we first upgraded the Heroku stack and worked on the long living bugs in their list. Then we started working on the new Apple Pay and Zip (formerly QuadPay) integrations and the Klaviyo integration, leaving the upgrade of Ruby, Ruby on Rails and dependencies for last.

screenshot of the app

The Outcome

The Ruby on Rails application was upgraded to the most recent version of their respective frameworks and dependencies possible and mitigated several security vulnerabilities. Long-living issues were addressed and several long-awaited features were implemented.

The outcome of the project was a stable product that needs little to no maintenance and thanks to this, Dave reached out in order to help him in his new endeavour: Optify.

"Their team is very reactive, even with our four-hour time difference. If an issue pops up during off-hours, they still make sure to jump on it. They work as if they're in the same room as us. That responsiveness has built trust between us."

Dave Barton


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