Ruby on Rails development team for an e-book publishing company


"SINAPTIA's work quality and technology management were good, and their technical expertise was perfect."

Omar Saadoun

About InMind

InMind is a company specializing in blockchain and mobile development from Uruguay. We helped them in this project as a team of Ruby on Rails experts. Inara, InMind’s client, is an e-book publishing company, but unlike any other e-book publishing company, readers pay for what they read, one page at a time.

The Challenge

When InMind contacted us, they inherited a Ruby on Rails E-Commerce application that needed to be completed. Since InMind expertise is not Ruby on Rails, they strategically hired us to help them with this application. The application needed to be upgraded to their latest versions and features needed to be developed, such as their main one: microtransactions. When a reader signs up for the application, a Dropp wallet is created. When they choose to read a book, the application will create a microtransaction for every character it delivers to the reader.

The Solution

Hands-on the project, we started evaluating the state of it and the features we needed to implement. In particular, the microtransactions using Dropp. The first thing we did was to upgrade the application to the latest versions of its software and dependencies. Then, we started implementing the microtransactions feature and once done we finished our part by improving features that were on their to-do list.

screenshot of the app

The Outcome

In 4 months, we gave the application its final push to completion. It was upgraded to the latest versions possible and the microtransactions feature was completed, along with a big number of other features. Improvements were made to make the application more user-friendly. Working with InMind for the first time was a pleasant experience and we couldn’t be happier with the results!

"Many people say they're experts when their knowledge isn't deep enough. In SINAPTIA's case, they knew the technology and the impact of any change to the platform. Since we needed to be very careful with modifications, the team's expertise was a highlight of the project."

Omar Saadoun


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