The best group site ever created

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The best group site ever created

"This was a broad project. They took it in stride and delivered a quality product, taking the extra time to make sure it was done properly."

Mark Simmer

About crclup

crlcup was a self funded startup from New York, USA. They provided a simple and prowerful way to interact with user groups. It did this by giving an email address (eg. to every group, a chat room for everyone in the group to hang out and a photo album.

The Challenge

Around mid 2013, around the time where Slack was first released, Mark had the vision of creating a platform for groups to communicate. After having issues with his running team for going out running he realized that a group chat would be good to communicate, and that other groups of people would benefit from this as well.

The first challenge was that the MVP should allow their user groups to communicate in realtime and provide a mailing list. This way, users would be able to communicate both synchronously and asynchronously with the tools crclup provided. The second challenge was to complete the MVP in 2 months.

The Solution

The solution consisted on a Ruby on Rails application powered with Faye, a publish-subscribe messaging system, which allowed us to build a reliable realtime messaging platform using websockets, a somewhat emerging technology at the time.

screenshot of the app

The Outcome

The application was completed and online in 2 months as agreed, and soon started hosting different user groups that communicated using


Ruby on Rails
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