The Jules

Ruby on Rails development team for an e-commerce platform


"They've been able to help us with the last few steps of our business quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, which is phenomenal. In terms of the deliverables, the product itself is elegant, and they're taking it up another notch."

Adrian Garcia

About The Jules

The Jules is a startup from Los Angeles, USA. Adrian, founder and CEO, had the vision of creating an e-commerce solution for football (soccer) fans around the world based on community.

The Challenge

When Adrian contacted us, The Jules needed help with the last 20% of the work for taking their business to the market. The Jules needed us to get started as fast as possible delivering meaningful features and fixing pre-existing issues.

"Their team never wastes time; we're always moving shipping products, making progress, and solving the minor bugs that may arise. They're also diligent about documentation, communication, and ensuring that we have everything needed for the project and that there are no assumptions on either end — it's a transparent process."

Adrian Garcia

The Solution

Given the work that Adrian wanted finished before taking the business to the market, we agreed to take the project with a Ruby on Rails developer. His responsibilities were not only to complete the work as fast as possible but also to address any unforeseen challenges that might arise during the development process.

screenshot of the app

The Outcome

We’ve been able to help The Jules with the last few steps of our business and continue working together on new features and doing maintenance.

"They're detailed-oriented, communicative, and care about their craftsmanship — they feel like a solid part of my team. Other providers usually go above and beyond in the first part of the project and then let the foot off the pedal. Still, SINAPTIA's team is consistent, and they're just phenomenal people to work with."

Adrian Garcia


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