Free the Freela

Ruby on Rails MVP of a hiring platform for Freelancers


"The most impressive thing about this team is their collaborative spirit."

Sarah Alves Lucena

About Free the Freela

Free The Freela is a startup from São Paulo, Brazil. Sarah had the vision of creating a platform for freelancers offering social benefits to promote a fair labor market while helping businesses to grow.

The Challenge

Sarah is a promising entrepreneur who had an amazing business idea, and a detailed plan to develop a disruptive application for freelancers to find the perfect job and have the same benefits as full-time in-house staff.

So solid was the business plan, that it was rapidly funded by a local VC (Venture Capital).

On the technical side, the main challenges were to make a beautiful and user-oriented UX/UI and make the platform scalable and reliable as Sarah had big plans for it in the whole continent.

The Solution

First of all, once we engaged and had a general idea of the project, we started a product discovery phase that involved the client, our team leader, and our lead designer which ended in the definition of the MVP, a full backlog of the product and mock-ups.

Once both parts were aligned we started the development phase. We assembled the team which consisted of 2 full-time developers, a project leader, and a designer, and the client took place as the Product Owner.

During the first 6 months of engagement, we worked closely as a team with a flexible scrum methodology, consisting of bi-weekly sprints, daily calls, and retrospective meetings to align the team and reach everyone’s expectations. With this system, we managed to build a robust and scalable MVP on Ruby on Rails and React for the front end.

screenshot of the app

"The project management is great. The team is synchronized and very accessible. Communication is open and fast."

Sarah Alves Lucena

The Outcome

After this first achievement, we continued working with the focus on maturing and optimizing the platform as people started using it keeping in mind the user experience, on this issue, our design team and Sarah’s collaboration were fundamental.

Today FreeTheFreela is a promising platform rapidly expanding on the Latin American market and looking for a second round of funding.

screenshot of the app

"The most impressive thing about this team is their collaborative spirit. Everyone is open to discussion and does 110% to guarantee that our product is in its best version. They have proved that we can trust anyone involved to make the best decision for our business in a way that's scalable."

Sarah Alves Lucena


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