Ruby on Rails data analysis app for a UAV company


"I'm satisfied with SINAPTIA's high-quality development work. Their ability to respond quickly to inquiries and adapt to changes make them a valuable collaborator."

Gonzalo Figueroa

About Orbiton

Orbiton is an unmanned aerial system company from Hamar, Norway. They use unmanned systems for inspection and survey of inaccessible industrial and infrastructure objects provide inspection data from electro-optic, infrared, and other sensors, and deliver technical analyses to support their clients’ operational decisions. Their unmanned systems solve tasks in a safer, faster, cheaper, and more efficient way than traditional methods.

The Challenge

When Gonzalo, Orbiton’s founder, contacted us had an issue with delivering their data and analyses to their clients. Existing solutions related to unmanned systems involved the need to process data via several different software platforms, and the results were fragmented, disorganized, and impractical for their clients.

Gonzalo had a general idea of how they wanted to deliver their data and analyses to their clients and how to perform such analyses within a platform for delivering their data and analyses.

The challenge was to discover all the features Gonzalo wanted to implement and architect a solution.

The Solution

We architectured a solution building a Ruby on Rails application where Orbiton can invite their clients to see their different projects. Orbiton collects the data (photos and videos) by performing flights and loading them to Unity. Then, Orbiton and their clients can see all of a project’’s data and see their data in several formats: as a sphere (using Kolor Panotour), geolocalized (with Google Maps), and with a built-in file explorer. Orbiton and their clients can analyze the data within Unity with Photo analysis and Video analysis tools.’

screenshot of the app

"The team is quick on its feet and always there when we need them. When we change our mind mid-development, having that responsiveness is vital. Also, before starting anything, they were very clear in establishing what we were going to do based on our earlier conversations. Once they had that framework, they had no problems adapting to changes from there."

Gonzalo Figueroa

The Outcome

The project was finished on time and budget and Orbiton started using Unity for all their clients, significantly improving the way they deliver and present their work.

screenshot of the app


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