Reimplementation of a post-purchase survey tool in Shopify


"SINAPTIA is a very good partner to work with in terms of efficiency and communication."

Antoine Lamy

About Pollee

Pollee is a self-funded startup from Paris, France. Antoine, founder of Raive, contacted us after Raive was acquired by another company. He had the idea for a Shopify application to present a post-purchase survey to buyers of Shopify shops. The idea came after the campaigns created by Raive customers were affected by the new privacy features by Apple.

The Challenge

Before contacting us to work on Pollee, Antoine had an MVP with the Shopify application already built but had a couple of problems. Performance wasn’t great and there were a couple of issues with presenting the surveys. Apart from these issues Antoine wanted to use Shopify’s node application template, therefore the whole application must be re-implemented.

There was another challenge: the MVP must be completed in 1 month.

The Solution

The application was already defined and working, although it had issues. So the solution was quite straightforward: we needed to migrate a Koa application to use Shopify’’s node application template and fix the issues that were present in the application. This included migrating the views to use Shopify Polaris and App Bridge.

"SINAPTIA managed to deliver the app in a record time and without bugs. Very responsive to our needs and demands!"

Antoine Lamy

The Outcome

After a month of rebuilding the application, it was up and running full-featured.

screenshot of the app