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Add a QA Analyst to strengthen your team or hire an independent QA team to test your project. By thoroughly understanding your application or product, our QA engineers can perform manual and automated tests as well as help you define new features and debug whatever issue might come up.

Why have a dedicated tester in your project?

Peace of mind

Having a QA analyst in your team means that the devs can focus on developing the features, knowing that there's someone in charge of testing their work and making sure everything runs smoothly.

Fresh perspective

While a developer is always focused in the task at hand, a QA analyst keeps a global perspective of the application and all its different parts. This means that they can analyze the functionality of a feature, considering its potential impact on the rest of the system.

Deep dive into the process


At this stage we need to understand every little detail of the application we're testing. Understanding what your goals and expectations are is key to designing the test plan.


With the discovery phase completed, we can start designing a test plan tailored to your project's needs. After defining how we are going to test the application, we will begin writing test cases that we will follow during testing.


Testing of the application begins as soon as the development kicks off, we will work alongside the developers, testing each new feature to make sure it works as expected.


During development, we will identify which test cases can be automated and we will begin developing the test suite. We will set up a CI server that runs the suite automatically every time someone pushes new code. This will help us detect bugs earlier and will lead to a more robust application.


Apps are like living things, they never stop changing, evolving. As such, the test suite needs to stay healthy and in sync with the app features. This means that when the application changes, either when features are added or refactored, the test suite must be updated to reflect those changes. We will also provide support to help debug and deal with any issues that might arise once the application is live.

Manual AND automated testing

We believe that the best way to test a project is to combine both manual and automation testing. An automated process will never be able to replace a human tester's observational skills, and a manual tester will never be able to run through a test suite faster than a computer. We prefer to automate the repetitive and key tasks, allowing us to focus on things like usability and exploratory testing.

Tools and Technologies

Every project has its own requisites and challenges, but we have a consistent stack amongst them.

BrowserStack LogoAn illustration of BrowserStack Logo

A modern application runs in many different browsers and devices, this service allows us to test in real life devices (not virtual machines!) to ensure that your app looks flawless regardless of how you are viewing it.

Our favorite end to end automation framework, it allows us to easily write reliable test suites.

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