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Articles written by SINAPTIA about software development in general and Ruby on Rails and React in particular.

Don’t build lasting relationships with your components

Overcomplicated props, ingrowing learning curves and eventual technical debts are only a few symptoms that appear as new requirements emerge on a project. Design Systems evolve in way that they naturally outgrow our components, sometimes leading towards the end of their life cycle. How can we ensure that our components thrive against the design challenges we encounter daily?
Development, React

Bringing a 10 years old Ruby on Rails application back to life

Last week we published the case study of one of the first projects of ours. After 10 years in the archive I found and brought this old Ruby on Rails 4.0 application back to life.
Development, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Docker

Hybrid and Dynamic Database Multitenancy with Ruby on Rails

What is Hybrid and Dynamic Database Multitenancy and how to successfully achieve it with Ruby on Rails (> 6.0) and PostgreSQL? Our experience implementing a hybrid and dynamic database multitenancy system for one of the projects we're involved.
Development, Ruby on Rails

Dynamic horizontal slider using React and custom hooks

A custom horizontal slider using React hooks to have full control over the design and behavior of the component. No more limitations!
Development, React

Debunking myths about Ruby

There's a lot of cristiscim to Ruby and Ruby on Rails. In this post we will try and debunk four widespread myths about Ruby.
Development, Ruby, Ruby on Rails

Why Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is our main tool for building MVPs and big web applications. There's a wide-array of myth's about it online: that it's old, or dead, or slow, that it's not relevant anymore. We revisit our tech choice every year and we still chose Ruby on Rails. Here's why.
Development, Ruby on Rails

Your old Ruby on Rails application sucks

Do you have a Ruby or Rails application in production for more than 4 or 5 years? Has the test suite crumbled to pieces because too many broken or flaky test that no one has time to fix? Do you feel your app is needing a lot of love that no budget will ever be able to sustain? Read on to know what we do in these cases.
Development, Ruby on Rails

Upgrading Ruby on Rails applications

When maintaining Ruby on Rails applications, it's always recommended to run the latest versions of the framework so it receives security patches and performance boosts from newer versions. In this post we'll see our way of upgrading Ruby on Rails applications.
Development, Ruby on Rails

Mounting react components

Our approach to building modern React frontends within a Ruby on Rails monolith, making use of the best of both worlds.
Development, React

A case against form objects

Based on Ruby on Rails examples, the core idea should be applicable to other languages and frameworks.
Development, Ruby on Rails

Docker in development: Episode 4

Continuing our Docker in development series, in this episode we’ll see alternatives for optimizing our images.
Development, Docker

Docker in development: Episode 3

Continuing our Docker in development series, in this episode we’ll be exploring how to perform everyday tasks in our containers.
Development, Docker

Docker in development: Episode 2

Continuing our Docker in development series, in this episode we’ll be dockerizing a Ruby on Rails application.
Development, Docker

Docker in development: Episode 1

In this series, we’ll explore the motivation and benefits of using docker in development, and we’re going to give everyday tips that helped us moving forward using it, focused in Ruby/Ruby on Rails/React development.
Development, Docker
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