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Articles written by SINAPTIA about software development in general and Ruby on Rails and React in particular.

Rediscovering fixtures

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been investing a lot of time in improving my testing skills. I spent most of this time in going back to the basics, trying to start from scratch with every little concept one takes for granted. Trying to see everything through a child’s eyes. And today I’m rediscovering fixtures.

Patricio Mac Adden
May 27th, 2024
Development, Ruby

Guidelines for writing better specs

In our last couple of posts, we’ve been reviewing common problems with long-living RSpec test suites and contrasting them against Minitest and the four-phase testing strategy. There are situations where migrating to Minitest is safer and possible, but what can we do if we are still using RSpec and changing it is not an option?

Fernando Martínez
Mar 26th, 2024
Development, Ruby

Make minitest/unit Great Again

This sentence is wrong but funny. Minitest has always been great. In our last post, a situation made me think if I should be critical about how I test (and testing in general) and if I should do something about it. This is what happened next.

Patricio Mac Adden
Mar 18th, 2024
Development, Ruby

Don't over-engineer your tests

I’ve used RSpec for years, and until recently I had to work with a colleague that never really tested before. This process made me think if I should be critical about how I test and if I should (or shouldn’t) do something about it.

Patricio Mac Adden
Mar 6th, 2024
Development, Ruby

Optimizing background jobs execution with Delayed::UniqueJob

Delayed Job doesn’t have a mechanism for defining unique jobs. Enqueing a time-consuming or resource-intensive job multiple times could be harmful if not treated accordingly. Introducing Delayed::UniqueJob, a Ruby gem for defining unique jobs in Delayed Job.

Esteban Debole
Feb 15th, 2024
Development, Ruby

A remote require for Ruby

I have been fascinated by Deno’s remote import since I discovered it. Experiment with me on how to make a remote require for Ruby based on Deno’s remote import.

Patricio Mac Adden
Feb 7th, 2024
Development, Ruby

A discussion around Integer division in Ruby

We will explore Ruby’s division behavior and analyze several alternatives to obtain a true division.

Nazareno Moresco
Jan 31st, 2024
Development, Ruby

la_plata.rb September meetup

On 14th September, another la_plata.rb meetup occurred. We had some fun and learned some new things. Here’s a recap.

Patricio Mac Adden
Sep 20th, 2023
Ruby, Development, Community

Bringing a 10-year-old Ruby on Rails app back to life

Last week we published the case study of one of our first projects. After 10 years in the archive, I found and brought this old Ruby on Rails 4.0 application back to life.

Patricio Mac Adden
May 17th, 2023
Development, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Docker

Debunking myths about Ruby

There’s a lot of criticism of Ruby and Ruby on Rails. In this post, we will try and debunk four widespread myths about Ruby.

Patricio Mac Adden
Mar 29th, 2023
Development, Ruby, Ruby on Rails