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la_plata.rb September meetup

Patricio Mac Adden
Sep 20th, 2023

On 14th September, another la_plata.rb meetup occurred at Snappler’s office.

It all started with a fun game to break the ice and get to know people outside of your circle. In the “Who Am I?” game you’re assigned a character and you need to guess who you are by asking other people simple yes/no questions. Some of us guessed, some didn’t, but we surely had a good amount of fun.

Then came Fernando’s talk about the Dragon Ruby Game Toolkit. Fernando told us the fascinating history of Dragon Ruby and then live-coded a small demo of the toolkit, where the audience could suggest some moves and experience using the toolkit firsthand.

Audience listening to the DragonRuby talk

After Fernando’s talk, a small break to stretch our legs, have a couple of beers courtesy of our friends from Rootstrap, and eat some empanadas, courtesy of our friends from Unagi.

Then came Bruno’s talk “De pending a Completed” (From Pending to Completed), where he showed us how he and his team broke down a very complex problem into several smaller ones, and what were the new problems that surfaced by doing so.

Bruno showing the first slide of his talk and the audience attentively listening

Finally, a moment of relaxation, as there was a lot of information to process after a long day of work.

Sinaptia's team playing a coin tossing game called Sapo

September’s meetup was amazing and we had a good time. We’re looking forward to helping organize the next one. See you all there!