A suite of hospitality apps

A suite of hospitality apps

"If there's a problem with a customer or anything, they'll stand in the trenches with us until it's done."

Nick Daniels
CPO & CoFounder

About Alliants

Alliants is a hospitality development company from Southampton, United Kingdom. They focus in hospitality and travel applications and have worked with companies such as Accor, Four Seasons, Jumeirah, and many more. We've been working with them since 2016 on a suite of hospitality and travel applications for an undisclosed global client.

The Challenge

When we were introduced with Nick, they were searching for skilled Ruby on Rails developers to finish a time share application. The deadline was close and the team that worked on the application needed a boost in order to finish it in time.

This first project that we worked together (spoiler: we have a long-lasting relationship working on close to 10 projects together), had a lot of challenges. The client already had a time share application but needed a digital transformation, so apart from finishing the application in time, the team needed to migrate data from one system to the new one, support online payments, run complex automatic allocation algorithms and handle a lot of complex rules that exist thanks to the very nature of the business.

The Solution

When we got hands on the project, the application wasn't in its best shape. First thing we did was to get to know the domain and doing small features so everyone was more confident about their work and felt closer to meet the deadline. Soon after, the bigger and most valuable features were developed in parallel as more of our people joined the project: the data migration (customers, reservations, finance), the automatic allocation algorithm, online payments, self-service, etc.

Fullstack developers, frontend developers and QA engineers were working seamlessly on both Sinaptia and Alliants towards the goal.

screenshot of the app

The Outcome

Our first project working together was a complete success. Not only the project was finished in time, but the client was delighted with the result, as it improves significantly their day to day work.

On the business side, it was also a complete success. This project opened the door to new projects for the same client where we were a key part, not only developing but also helping define features and workflows.

screenshot of the app


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