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"Since the beginning, we wanted to make Sinaptia a good place with good people. Where we could learn from other people, independently the seniority, roles or responsibility, and where we feel taken into account and respected. We work very hard to keep growing without losing ourselves in the process."

Fernando && Patricio

Our culture

At SINAPTIA we prioritize the people and the team. How so? We believe in personal growth. Many of our developers are still students and as such they still need to go to college every now and then at work hours. How do that work with work then? Easy, we also believe in flexible hours. Our developers/students can skip a couple of hours during "normal" work hours but recover those hours afterwards, even distribute their working hours across different working days. As long as the regular 40h/week are met, the objectives set by the team are met and everyone knows our working hours, then everything's good.

Regarding the team, one of our most important rules is: the work environment is sacred. Everyone must be respectful, helpful and kind to each other. You are going to spend a lot of time working with your teammates, so keeping a healthy work environment is key.

We believe that good communication is one of the most important skills a developer should have and improve over time, not only for working with clients but also for expressing their ideas and helping other fellow developers. This means we expect our teammates to have good oral and written communication in Spanish and English.

"Wonderful environment, wonderful people, lots of learning and responsibility mixed with fun."

QA engineer

Who are we looking for

Passionate about what you do

We're always looking for curious people that are passionate for technology and are constantly looking for new challenges.

Can communicate with people all over the world

You will be either on calls or in constant communication with different people, either a team mate or a client. You should have good communication skills in English and Spanish.

Want to be a part of a great team

Our team is very diverse. Our staff works on different projects, have different skills and takes different roles, but everyone is always helping each other sharing their knowledge and ideas.

Self sufficient

While our team is always there to help you, you should be able to understand a problem, explain it to others, have an idea of how to solve it or know when to ask others for help.

"It's working in a warm, family-like environment where you learn a lot every day. And where sooner or later everyone will end up using Salsati."

Fullstack dev

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