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We are a small software shop that works with small, medium and large companies building MVPs, enterprise level applications and augmenting teams.

A new contender for the #1 place in the used vehicles marketplace in Costa Rica
"SINAPTIA delivered a high-end and polished e-commerce platform exceeding my expectations. They established a seamless workflow through the extensive use of communication tools."
Julián Arias
CEO, Dunu506
MVP / Product BuildingQuality Assurance
Benefits for Freelancers and autonomy for Companies. Everybody wins.
"The most impressive thing about this team is their collaborative spirit."
Sarah Alves Lucena
CEO, Free the Freela
MVP / Product BuildingQuality Assurance
An e-commerce website for people that love their dogs
"They offered valuable advice during the process and were always willing to collaborate with us."
Hernán Massau
MVP / Product BuildingQuality Assurance
A digital signage platform built on web technologies
"SINAPTIA's services empowered the business to close a deal with a major client—a partnership that's still enduring. They've demonstrated their ability to roll with the punches; they're an agile bunch that can adapt to swift changes in project scope. They're a skilled, professional team."
Robert Sellman
CEO, OmniAlly
MVP / Product BuildingQuality Assurance

MVP / Product Building

Bring your idea and team up with us. Our engagement will start by having a good idea of your requirements, understanding the challenges and setting goals. Our team will architect a solution and design a clear roadmap to completion, taking care of every step in the process: infrastructure, backend, frontend and QA.

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Team Augmentation

Extend your team with our highly qualified devs and qa analysts who will join forces with you and your team helping pacing up development and helping out. You will not be contracting freelancers, the rest of our team will be there to give support to the devs assigned to your project in case of need. The team augmentation profiles you can hire are wide: Backend and Frontend devs, Product managers, and QA analysts.

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is an essential aspect of software development to continuously improve the existing workflows of product development so that higher efficiencies and better quality can be attained. By thoroughly understanding your application or product, our team of QA analysts can perform manual and automated tests as well as help you define new features and debug whatever issue might come up.

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