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Articles written by SINAPTIA about software development in general and Ruby on Rails and React in particular.

The role of design in MVPs

Finding a good balance between design and development is one key aspect to take into account while developing an MVP. Visually appealing products might have a bigger impact on the market than one built from a template, even if it has the same or even more features. But, is it the right choice for your project?

The five strings paradox

There are five interdependent forces in every software project that can drive it to success or to utter failure. Read on if you want to learn about how they work them and how to wield them.

Taking over a project, the SINAPTIA way

Sometimes we are hired to take over a project with different goals in sight: general maintenance, add new features or overhaul them completely. In this post, we'll share our methodology for taking them over, what we do to gain the feel of owning the project, and how we start delivering fast.

Building an MVP with SINAPTIA

What to expect before, during and after building an MVP with us. Deep dive into the process: from the discovery phase to launch!

What is an MVP?

Let's imagine you've found an idea for a novel product, or you found a need in the market that is poorly fulfilled or not fulfilled at all. How can you be sure? Will your idea be successful? Will enough people like it and use it for it to thrive? A small guide for someone who wants to build a product.
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