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About us .

How it started

SINAPTIA started as a company who wanted to do things differently, not only focusing on delivering quality code but building a team of people who were happy at work. With that in mind, we started operating in 2013.

From the start we've been trusted by several small clients that needed their product to grow, and we are happy that even now we are still working with them.

Over the course of the years we've had the chance to work with entrepreneurs, startups and even enterprise level companies. In industries such as ecommerce, retail, digital signage, ciber security and hospitality among others.

From business ideas that became a product, to working with enterprise we took every challenge with the same responsibility. That was what permitted us to grow, and have a team that's motivated and happy to be here.

Our values

People first

We believe that people are the most important aspect of our company: People, not resources. Each and every one of us is a unique person, with their strengths and weaknesses. Since we started, our main goal has always been to help people maximize their potential and form a team of specialists who have a nice time working together.


Get things done. Making hard things simple. Efficient and straightforward. Both, the software we create, and the processes we apply. That's what it's all about.


Experience has taught us that, when engaging in a business relationship, good communication is as important as the code we deliver. Having everybody on the same page, setting clear and precise expectations, being able to talk about our current work and challenges are key parts of the development process. That's why we are constantly encouraging and coaching our teams on this aspect to achieve success.


Responsibility is a pillar of our company. We take our clients, projects and teams seriously with the responsibility they deserve. It is not only working hard and delivering our promises, but also representing these values, and making them thrive.


Proactivity speaks for itself.
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