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MVP / Product Building .

Bring your idea and team up with us. The process starts by discovering the problems, challenges and goals of your idea, that means to understand it deeply. We'll explore the pain points and architect the solution. Once agreed, the next step in the process is to gather the team and start developing it. Using agile methodologies we'll divide the work in sprints in order to deliver meaningful chunks of work for you to review and check on progress. This way, if anything happens (such as change of plans, improvements, etc) it can be corrected fast.

From MVPs to big enterprise apps we've done them all.

Deep dive into the process


We need to understand every little detail of what you're envisioning. Understanding what your goals and expectations are is key to building a correct solution that will grow in the years to come.


With the discovery phase completed, we can start connecting the dots and thinking how to solve the most meaningful problems and designing the architecture of the solution. In this phase we will discuss the architecture of the solution and validate it meets your goals and expectations.


Now's the time to start working. We implement agile methodologies, so we'll divide the work into small chunks and release meaningful progress every 2 weeks. You will be able to review and validate the work and give feedback.


Once the agreed work is completed, the application is ready for production use. We'll set up the infrastructure and deploy the app so the world can start using it.


Apps are like living things, they never stop changing, evolving. As such, they need to stay healthy. We do this by monitoring and fixing bugs that might occur from time to time, and encouraging product owners to add features that improve the app!

Small teams, big results

Small teams can complete small and medium projects in a 3 to 6 months span. Less people makes communication more efficient and synchronization simpler. This approach also works for larger projects as we can think of them as a set of smaller sub-projects, which we can approach with different teams.

A small team consists of at most 4 people and depends on the project and the profiles needed, but usually involves a full stack developer, a frontend developer, a QA analyst and a project manager.


Every project has its own requisites and challenges, but we have a consistent stack amongst them.

Working with Ruby on Rails since 2010, we know every corner of it. App from scratch or upgrading, ecommerce apps, admin panel apps, APIs, Rails+React hybrid apps, we did it all.

Working with NodeJS for the last couple of years, we've done express APIs and serverless apps.

React Logo

Working with ReactJS since 2017 we are making apps with an exceptional UX. Full React apps, NextJS, or Ruby on Rails/React hybrid.

Working with Tailwind since 2020. This versatile CSS framework allows us to make beautiful UIs with little effort.

Fully autonomous incident response
"They were a super helpful team eager to learn and not afraid of challenging objectives."
Anton Goncharov
CEO, Mekanoid
MVP / Product BuildingQuality Assurance
Challenging the #1 marketplace of used vehicles in Costa Rica
"SINAPTIA delivered a high-end and polished e-commerce platform exceeding my expectations. They established a seamless workflow through the extensive use of communication tools."
Julián Arias
CEO, Dunu506
MVP / Product BuildingQuality Assurance
Benefits for Freelancers and autonomy for Companies. Everybody wins.
"The most impressive thing about this team is their collaborative spirit."
Sarah Alves Lucena
CEO, Free the Freela
MVP / Product BuildingQuality Assurance
An e-commerce website for people that love their dogs
"They offered valuable advice during the process and were always willing to collaborate with us."
Hernán Massau
MVP / Product BuildingQuality Assurance
A digital signage platform built on web technologies
"SINAPTIA's services empowered the business to close a deal with a major client—a partnership that's still enduring. They've demonstrated their ability to roll with the punches; they're an agile bunch that can adapt to swift changes in project scope. They're a skilled, professional team."
Robert Sellman
CEO, OmniAlly
MVP / Product BuildingQuality Assurance
A data analysis platform linked to the use of unmanned systems
"I'm satisfied with SINAPTIA's high-quality development work. Their ability to respond quickly to inquiries and adapt to changes make them a valuable collaborator."
Gonzalo Figueroa
Founder, Orbiton
MVP / Product BuildingQuality Assurance
Clothes with a second chance
"Their efficiency, kindness, and punctuality were impressive. They delivered excellent solutions."
Constanza Darderes
Founder, Cocoliche
MVP / Product Building
Surveys for marketing attribution in a privacy-first world
"SINAPTIA is a very good partner to work with in terms of efficiency and communication."
Antoine Lamy
Founder, Pollee
MVP / Product Building
A marketing tool for small e-commerce businesses to run ads online
"SINAPTIA is dedicated to delivering a quality product, so they check in regularly to see how the process is going."
Antoine Lamy
Founder, Raive
MVP / Product BuildingQuality Assurance
The best group site ever created
"This was a broad project. They took it in stride and delivered a quality product, taking the extra time to make sure it was done properly."
Mark Simmer
CEO, crclup
MVP / Product BuildingQuality Assurance
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