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Articles by Patricio Mac Adden .

Articles written by SINAPTIA about software development in general and Ruby on Rails and React in particular.

Bringing a 10 years old Ruby on Rails application back to life

Last week we published the case study of one of the first projects of ours. After 10 years in the archive I found and brought this old Ruby on Rails 4.0 application back to life.
Development, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Docker

The role of design in MVPs

Finding a good balance between design and development is one key aspect to take into account while developing an MVP. Visually appealing products might have a bigger impact on the market than one built from a template, even if it has the same or even more features. But, is it the right choice for your project?

Debunking myths about Ruby

There's a lot of cristiscim to Ruby and Ruby on Rails. In this post we will try and debunk four widespread myths about Ruby.
Development, Ruby, Ruby on Rails

Beware of this status update

In our previous two posts we discussed why communication matters and what's the best status update. In this post we will analize a very common pattern of communication and how we can prevent it from becoming a problem.

The best status update

Status updates are often regarded as monotonous, repetitive, useless. But for us, they're the most powerful and simple tool we have to deactivate all sort of communicative issues the main way to build successful and enjoyable relationships with our clients.

Taking over a project, the SINAPTIA way

Sometimes we are hired to take over a project with different goals in sight: general maintenance, add new features or overhaul them completely. In this post, we'll share our methodology for taking them over, what we do to gain the feel of owning the project, and how we start delivering fast.

Upgrading Ruby on Rails applications

When maintaining Ruby on Rails applications, it's always recommended to run the latest versions of the framework so it receives security patches and performance boosts from newer versions. In this post we'll see our way of upgrading Ruby on Rails applications.
Development, Ruby on Rails

Working remotely effectively

We are a fully remote company, and as such we understand the downsides of working remotely. How do we effectively do it?

Building an MVP with SINAPTIA

What to expect before, during and after building an MVP with us. Deep dive into the process: from the discovery phase to launch!

What is an MVP?

Let's imagine you've found an idea for a novel product, or you found a need in the market that is poorly fulfilled or not fulfilled at all. How can you be sure? Will your idea be successful? Will enough people like it and use it for it to thrive? A small guide for someone who wants to build a product.

Docker in development: Episode 4

Continuing our Docker in development series, in this episode we’ll see alternatives for optimizing our images.
Development, Docker

Docker in development: Episode 3

Continuing our Docker in development series, in this episode we’ll be exploring how to perform everyday tasks in our containers.
Development, Docker

Docker in development: Episode 2

Continuing our Docker in development series, in this episode we’ll be dockerizing a Ruby on Rails application.
Development, Docker

Docker in development: Episode 1

In this series, we’ll explore the motivation and benefits of using docker in development, and we’re going to give everyday tips that helped us moving forward using it, focused in Ruby/Ruby on Rails/React development.
Development, Docker
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