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Articles by Nazareno Moresco .

Articles written by SINAPTIA about software development in general and Ruby on Rails and React in particular.

What is a Skeleton Screen? A real-life Flutter example

Even though our primary focus is Ruby on Rails, we're developing one Flutter application. In this project, we implemented a Skeleton Screen to enhance the app's professional appearance during data loading. What is a Skeleton Screen and how did we implement one?
Development, Flutter

Consequences of parrot-like APIs

Psittacism signifies repetitive speech in the manner of a parrot. Can APIs suffer from it and what are their consequences?
Development, Ruby on Rails

Using strong_params beyond mass assignments

Strong Parameters are typically used in Ruby on Rails for mass assignments, but in this article, we explore an additional use for this feature.
Development, Ruby on Rails

Hybrid and Dynamic Database Multitenancy with Ruby on Rails

What is Hybrid and Dynamic Database Multitenancy and how to successfully achieve it with Ruby on Rails (> 6.0) and PostgreSQL? Our experience implementing a hybrid and dynamic database multitenancy system for one of the projects we're involved in.
Development, Ruby on Rails
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