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Articles by Fernando Martinez .

Articles written by SINAPTIA about software development in general and Ruby on Rails and React in particular.

The five strings paradox

There are five interdependent forces in every software project that can drive it to success or to utter failure. Read on if you want to learn about how they work and how to wield them.

Why Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is our main tool for building MVPs and big web applications. There's a wide array of myths about it online: that it's old, or dead, or slow, that it's not relevant anymore. We revisit our tech choice every year and we still chose Ruby on Rails. Here's why.
Development, Ruby on Rails

Communication matters

Communication is a key aspect of our culture and development process. Do you want to know why and how?

Your old Ruby on Rails application sucks

Do you have a Ruby or Rails application in production for more than 4 or 5 years? Has the test suite crumbled to pieces because of too many broken or flaky tests that no one has time to fix? Do you feel your app needs a lot of love that no budget will ever be able to sustain? Read on to know what we do in these cases.
Development, Ruby on Rails

Upgrading Ruby on Rails applications

When maintaining Ruby on Rails applications, it's always recommended to run the latest versions of the framework so it receives security patches and performance boosts from newer versions. In this post, we'll see our way of upgrading Ruby on Rails applications.
Development, Ruby on Rails

Working remotely effectively

We are a fully remote company, and as such we understand the downsides of working remotely. How do we effectively do it?

Building an MVP with SINAPTIA

What to expect before, during, and after building an MVP with us. Deep dive into the process: from the discovery phase to launch!

What is an MVP?

Let's imagine you've found an idea for a novel product, or you found a need in the market that is poorly fulfilled or not fulfilled at all. How can you be sure? Will your idea be successful? Will enough people like it and use it for it to thrive? A small guide for someone who wants to build a product.

A case against form objects

Based on Ruby on Rails examples, the core idea should apply to other languages and frameworks.
Development, Ruby on Rails
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